Adan Pedroso

Adan Pedroso A contemporary troubadour, Adan Pedroso learnt guitar as a child and began writing songs as a youngster. Growing up near the sea in Havana, Adan developed a love for the ocean and for music. Influenced by the poems and ballads of the Nueva Trova movement he also developed an interest in traditional Cuban music and founded Asere in the 1990s. Adan made two albums with the band for which he wrote songs, sang and played guitar. Both were well received and they toured all over Europe from 1998 onwards. In 2000 he met up with Congolese guitarist, Papa Noel, and they performed as a duo for several years. Many hail their live album, Mosala Makasi, as a little gem. A songsmith touched with the skill to create works of profound sentiment and irresistible melody, Adan’s first solo album, Esa Flor, was released in 2009.

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